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Volume 6

Little Princess, The - 93 minutes - 1939 - Color
Starring: Shirley Temple, Cesar Romero, Ian Hunter, Anita Louise, Marcia Mae Jones, Mary Nash, Arthur Treacher - Directed by Walter Lang
3 Stars - Drama, Nostalgic - Shirley Temple in the title role, is placed in a boarding school by her rich father, played by Ian Hunter, who goes off to war. Her mother died at an early age. She's treated like a princess at the boarding school until her father is said to be killed. The headmistress, played by Mary Nash, begins to treat her like a slave and makes her live in the attic. The girl maintains a positive attitude by believing her father will return. She goes to a nearby military hospital in hope of finding him and returning to her normal life.

Star is Born, A - 110 minutes - 1937 - Color
Starring: Andy Devine, Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou - Directed by William Wellman
5 Stars - Drama - Janet Gaynor as a small town girl with aspirations of making it big in Hollywood. Her hope are dashed by the ridicule of some family members but her Grandmother encourages her and lends her financial support. She heads to Hollywood and lands a job at a celebrity party where she makes a more than favorable impression on a major star, played by Frederic March, who also happens to be an alcoholic. He gets her a screen test with a big time studio honcho, played by Adolphe Menjou. The rest is history.
Award Nominations: Best Actor, Fredric March, 1937 Academy; Best Actress, Janet Gaynor, Academy; Best Director, William Wellman, Academy; Best Picture, Academy; Best Original Story (winners), 1937 Academy; 10 Best Films (winner), National Board of Review of Motion Pictures; 10 Best Films (winner) New York Times - Nominated by the American Film Institute as one of America's Greatest Movies of all time.

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