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Volume 3

One Eyed Jacks - 141 minutes - 1961 - Color
Starring: Marlon Brando, Ben Johnson, Katy Jurado, Karl Malden, Slim Pickens - Directed by Marlon Brando
3 Stars - Western - Marlon Brando goes to prison after being double-crossed by his partner Karl Malden. Upon his release, he learns that his ex-partner is a powerful and rich lawman. Brando sets about getting his revenge by baiting Malden's daughter into an affair while biding his time, patiently waiting for an opportune point of attack.
Award Nominations: Best Cinematography, Charles B. Lang, Jr., 1961 Academy,

Southerner, The - 1945 - 94 minutes - B&W
Starring: Beulah Bondi, Betty Field, Jay Gilpin, J. Carrol Nash, Zachary Scott, Estelle Taylor, Jean Vanderwilt Directed by Jean Renoir
4½ Stars - Drama - Zachary Scott as a sharecropper who is striving to buy a place of their own for his familyhis wife, his grandmother and his children. Circumstances compel him to ask for the help of his neighber, played by J. Carroll Nash, a very cynical man. At first their relationship is more than antagonistic but their mutual love of fishing brings them close together and allies in the struggle of life.
Award Nominations: Best Director 1945 Academy; Best Score, Werner Janssen, 1945 Academy; Best Sound, 1945 Academy; Best Director (winner) 1945 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures; Best Picture (winner), 1945 Venice Film Festival; 10 Best Films (winner), 1945 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures,

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