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His Girl Friday - 92 minutes - 1940 - B&W
Starring: Ralph Bellamy, Abner Biberman, Cary Grant, Porter Hall, Roscoe Karns, Gene Lockhart, John Qualen, Rosalind Russell - Directed by Howard Hawks
5 Stars - Comedy, Satire - A top-notch comedy with Rosalind Russell as a newspaper reporter engaged in the proverbial "battle of the sexes". As Hildy, she's considerring leaving journalism to marry the prosperous Bruce Baldwin played by Ralph Bellamy. Her ex-husband, played by Cary Grant, is the editor Walter Burns.
Awards: Nominated by the American Film Institute as one of America's Greatest Movies of all time.

My Man Godfrey - 86 minutes - 1936 - B&W
Starring: Mischa Auer, Alice Brady, Carole Lombard, Alan Mowbray, Eugene Pallette, Franklin Pangborn, Gail Patrick, William Powell, Jane Wyman - Directed by Gregory La Cava
4½ Stars - Comedy, Satire - Carole Lombard as a ditzy young heiress who goes out on a scavenger hunt charged with the task of finding the perfect "forgotten man". She comes up with Godfrey (William Powell), an educated bum who lives in the city dump. After she wins the hunt, Godfrey agrees to be her "protege" and takes on the role of family butler, much to the chagrin of her father, because he really doesn't need another nut case in the house. It turns out that Godfrey isn't a bum after all. He's actually the beneficiary of his wealthy family's fortune.
Award Nominations: Best Actor, William Powell, 1936 Academy; Best Actress, Carole Lombard, 1936 Academy; Best Director, 1936 Academy; Best Supporting Actress, Alice Brady, 1936 Academy; Nominated by the American Film Institute as one of America's Greatest Movies of all time.

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