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Volume 1

Grand Illusion - 1937 - 115 minutes - B&W
Starring: Jean Gabin, Pierre Fresnay - Directed by Jean Renoir
5 Stars - War Drama - In World War I, a group of French prisoners of war attempt to escape from a German prison camp. Both the prisoners and their captors try to stick to an out dated set of gallant rules of war, that are hard to accept. Considered by many to be one of the finest films ever made.
Award Nominations: Best Artistic Ensemble (win) Venice Film Festival; Best Picture 1938 Academy; 5 Best Films 1938 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures; Best Foreign Film (win) 1938 New York Film Critics Circle Award

Rules Of The Game - 1939 - 107 minutes - B&W
Starring: Marcel Dalio, Paulette Dubost, Nora Gregor, Jean Renoir, Roland Toutain - Directed by Jean Renoir
5 Stars - Satire Comedy, Drama - Directed, produced and written by Jean Renoir, this film is also considered to be one of the finest movies ever made. It centers on a weekend huntung party at a country estate and exposes the machinations of the pre WWII French ruling class as they engage in acts of anti-semitism, betrayal, manipulation and downright treachery. A classic.

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