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A Star is Born - 110 minutes - 1937 - Color
Starring: Andy Devine, Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou - Directed by William Wellman
5 Stars - Drama - Janet Gaynor plays a small town girl who dreams of becoming star. Jeered at by most of her family, she finds an ally in her grandmother, who admires the girl's spirit and bankrolls her trip to Hollywood. Esther heads to Casting, where she's told her chances for stardom are about one in a thousand. She gets a waitress job at an upscale party and she manages to impress Norman (Frederic March) an alcoholic matinee idol, who arranges for her to get a screen test at Oliver Niles' (Adolphe Menjou) studio. This leads to her first big break as leading lady. Item #OC0022
Award Nominations: Best Actor, Fredric March, 1937 Academy; Best Actress, Janet Gaynor, Academy; Best Director, William Wellman, Academy; Best Picture, Academy; Best Original Story (winners), 1937 Academy; 10 Best Films (winner), National Board of Review of Motion Pictures; 10 Best Films (winner) New York Times - Nominated by the American Film Institute as one of America's Greatest Movies of all time.

Affair, The - 60 minutes - 1973 - Color
Starring: Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner - Directed by Gilbert Cates
2½ Stars - Romance, Made for TV-Natalie Wood plays a wheel chair bound 32 year old songwriter whose handicap has made her cynical and suspicious of the kindnesses of strangers. Robert Wagner as a compassionate lawyer who falls in love with her. By the time Natalie has warmed up to her new beau, she finds that her family opposes the relationship. Written by Barbara Turner. Item #OC0001

Algiers - 100 minutes - 1938 - B&W
Starring: Charles Boyer, Sigrid Gurie, Alan Hale, Jr,. Hedy Lamarr, Gene Lockhart - Directed by John Cromwell
3 Stars - Romance, Thriller - Charles Boyer as master criminal Pepe le Moko in the Casbah, a criminal controlled safe harbor which protects Pepe from the French authorities. Pepe's friendly police inspector enemy treats his pursuit of Pepe like a chess game, patiently waiting for his opponent to make that one wrong move. Pepe has the misfortune to fall hopelessly in love with tourist Hedy Lamarr. A combination of events, including the betrayal of Pepe by his castaway lover and Hedy's tearful return to her ship when she is misinformed that Pepe is killed, lures the Pepe into the open. Pepe is arrested and begs for one last look at his sweetheart. Pepe is shot while trying to escape. Item #OC0002
Award Nominations: Best Actor Charles Boyer, 1938 Academy; Best Art Direction 1938 Academy; Best Cinematography 1938 Academy; Best Supporting Actor: Gene Lockhart, 1938 Academy; Best Direction 1938 New York Film Critics Circle Award

Back Door to Heaven - 86 minutes - 1939 - B&W
Starring: Hugh Cameron, Stu Erwin, Wallace Ford, Van Heflin, Jane Seymour - Directed by William Howard
4½ Stars - Drama, Film Noir - Wallace Ford stars as a pugnacious drifter stigmatized by his reform-school upbringing. Ford and his former "classmate" Stu Erwin try to go straight, but get mixed up in a robbery, during which a man is killed. Though not responsible for the murder, it is Ford who is railroaded to the death house. Nonetheless, he manages to bust out--just in time for his grammar school class reunion, presided over by teacher Aline MacMahon, the only person who ever tried to give him a break. Item #OC0003

Blake of Scotland Yard - 72 minutes - 1936 - B&W
Starring: Joan Barclay, Ralph Byrd, Lloyd Hughes, Dick Jones, Herbert Rawlinson - Directed by Robert Hill
3 Stars - Drama, Mystery - Herbert Rawlinson plays Scotland Yard inspector Sir James Blake, who has financed a death ray designed by young inventor Ralph Byrd. The ray will be a boon to mankind so long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Those hands belong to "The Scorpion", a mystery villain in league with a Teutonic munitions manufacturer. Item #OC0004

Cyrano De Bergerac - 92 minutes - 1950 - B&W
Starring: Morris Carnovsky, José Ferrer, Mala Powers, William Prince, Elena Verdugo - Directed by Michael Gordon
4 Stars - Drama, Romance, Tragedy - Jose Ferrer as Cyrano, a 17th-century French cavalier, poet and swordsman whose prominent nose is the subject of many a duel. In love with Roxanne (Mala Powers), Cyrano assumes that she'd never love him back. Roxanne is also loved by the handsome Christian (William Prince). Cyrano agrees to help Christian win Roxanne by feeding him the right words for his midnight courtships and love letters. Years later, Cyrano's deception is revealed, and he dies happily in the arms of his beloved Roxanne, who realizes that she has really loved Cyrano all along. Item #OC0005
Awards: Best Actor, Jose Ferrer, 1950 Academy Winner; Best Actor 1951 Golden Globe Winner

David Copperfield - 1970 - 117 minutes - Color
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Isobel Black, Edith Evans, Laurence Olivier, Robin Phillips, Michael Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, George Woodbridge - Directed by Delbert Mann
2½ Stars - Adventure, Drama - Young Copperfield, who after the death of his mother is cruelly mistreated by his stepfather. Forced to work in his stepfather's London warehouse, David's lot in life is brightened a bit when he makes the acquaintance of the ever-in-debt Mr. Micawber. David is sheltered by Micawber's large and loving family until Micawber is carted off to debtor's prison. David (Robin Phillips) recalls his story in the form of flashbacks. From the book by Charles Dickens. Item #OC0006

Divorce Hers - 74 minutes - 1973 - Color
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
Made for TV movie. Drama set in Rome. The wife believes that her wealthy husband is more interested in his business than his family. We witness the fears and phobias (some real, some imagined) that are evident and played out in most marriages. Item #OC0007

Divorce His - 74 minutes - 1973 - Color
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
Same as above with the focus on the man's viewpoint. As usual, both actors give their trademark fine performances.Item #OC0008

Entertainer, The - 1960 - 97 minutes - B&W
Starring: Alan Bates, Brenda de Banzie, Shirley Ann Field, Albert Finney, Thora Hird, Roger Livesey, Daniel Massey, Laurence Olivier, Joan Plowright - Directed by Tony Richardson
4½ Stars - Drama, Tragedy- Laurence Olivier as Archie Rice. The son of a legendary music hall comedian. Though a failure, Archie won't admit it. Archie finagles his father into financing one last revue; he cheats on his alcoholic wife; and he forces one of his sons to run off to join the army. Joan Plowright as Archie's daughter, whose love for her father blinds her to his flaws. An adaptation of a play by John Osborne.Item #OC0009
Award Nominations: Best Actor - Laurence Olivier, 1960 Academy Awards; Best Actor - Laurence Olivier, 1960 New York Film Critics Circle Award

He Walked by Night - 1948 - 80min - B&W
Starring: Richard Basehart, Whit Bissell, Scott Brady, Roy Roberts, Jack Webb - Directed by Anthony Mann
4 Stars - Drama, Film Noir, Mystery - Richard Basehart plays the part of a psychotic burglar who changes his modus Operandi each time he goes out to steal. He does this in an effort to make police think the burglaries are being committed by different thieves. However, his plans go bad when he kills a cop. Jack Webb has a minor role in this film. Item #OC0010

Little Lord Fauntleroy - 104 minutes - 1936 - B&W
Starring: Freddie Bartholomew, Dolores Costello, Guy Kibbee, Jessie Ralph, Mickey Rooney, C. Aubrey Smith - Directed by John Cromwell
3 Stars - Drama, Nostalgic - Freddie Bartholomew as a Brooklyn boy who can handle himself in a scrap, with the assistance of his pal Mickey Rooney. Freddy's mother (Dolores Costello Barrymore) is the widow of a titled Englishman, the daughter of aristocratic Sir C. Aubrey Smith, who hates all Americans. After learning that Freddy is the rightful heir to his fortune, Smith demands that Dolores deliver the boy to his sprawling English country estate. Now called Lord Fauntleroy by everyone, Freddie dislikes the restrictions placed on him by his station in life. The boy gradually wins his grandfather's respect and love. An adaptation of a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Item #OC0012

Little Princess, The - 93 minutes - 1939 - Color
Starring: Richard Greene, Ian Hunter, Sybil Jason, Marcia Mae Jones, Anita Louise, Mary Nash, Cesar Romero, Shirley Temple, Arthur Treacher - Directed by Walter Lang
3 Stars - Drama, Nostalgic - Shirley Temple as The Little Princess, whop's enrolled in a boarding school by her wealthy widowed father (Ian Hunter). At first, she's treated like royalty; but this preferential treatment causes resentment. When her father is reported killed in the war, circumstances change. The headmistress (Mary Nash) reduces Temple to servant status and forces the girl to sleep in a drafty attic. She keeps her spirits up by hoping that her father will return, and she searches a nearby military hospital looking for him. An adaptation of a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Item #OC0013

Love Affair - 87 minutes - 1939 - B&W
Starring: Astrid Allwyn, Charles Boyer, Irene Dunne, Maurice Moscovich, Maria Ouspenskaya - Directed by Leo McCarey
4½ Stars - Comedy, Romance - Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne, cruise ship travelers who fall instantly in love despite the fact that both are already engaged to other people. After their trip, they resolve to meet six months later at the top of the Empire State Building, but their plans are disrupted by fate.Item #OC0014
Award Nominations: Best Actress, Irenne Dunne, 1939 Academy - Best Original Screenplay 1939 Academy; Best Picture, 1939 Academy; Best Song 1939Academy; Best Supporting Actress, 1939 Academy

My Man Godfrey - 86 minutes - 1936 - B&W
Starring: Mischa Auer, Alice Brady, Carole Lombard, Alan Mowbray, Eugene Pallette, Franklin Pangborn, Gail Patrick, William Powell, Jane Wyman - Directed by Gregory La Cava
4½ Stars - Comedy, Satire - Carole Lombard in her supreme "screwball" performance - young heiress Irene Bullock who, while on a scavenger hunt, finds Godfrey (William Powell), an eduacated hobo residing in the city dump. Told to find a "forgotten man" in a scavenger hunt, Irene claims Godfreyand wins the hunt. Intrigued by Irene, Godfrey agrees to be her "protege". He becomes the family's butler, much to the dismay of Irene's father, whose household is crazy enough without another lunatic under his roof. Godfrey isn't a penniless bum at all, but the scion of a wealthy Boston family. Item #OC0015
Award Nominations: Best Actor, William Powell, 1936 Academy; Best Actress, Carole Lombard, 1936 Academy; Best Director, 1936 Academy; Best Supporting Actress, Alice Brady, 1936 Academy; Nominated by the American Film Institute as one of America's Greatest Movies of all time.

One Eyed Jacks - 141 minutes - 1961 - Color
Starring: Marlon Brando, Ben Johnson, Katy Jurado, Karl Malden, Slim Pickens - Directed by Marlon Brando
3 Stars - Western - Marlon Brando is betrayed by his partner Karl Malden and goes to prison. After his release, Brando learns that Malden has become a wealthy and influential lawman. Brando thirsts for revenge, waiting for the right moment to strike. In the meantime, Brando seduces Malden's adopted daughter. Item #OC0016
Award Nominations: Best Cinematography, Charles B. Lang, Jr., 1961 Academy

One of Our Aircraft is Missing - 84 minutes - 1941 - B&W
Starring: Pamela Brown, Hugh Burden, Robert Helpmann, Emrys Jones, Lord Bernard Miles, Hay Petrie, Godfrey Tearle, Peter Ustinov - Directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
3 Stars - War Epic - Six British bomber crewmen are obliged to bail out over Holland. To escape detection from the Nazis, the crewmen accept the hospitality of a several Hollanders, all dedicated to the freedom fighting activities of the Underground. Item #OC0017
Award Nominations: Best Original Screenplay, 1942 Academy; Best Visual Effects, 1942 Academy; 10 Best Films, 1942 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures.

Shooting Party, The - 94 minutes - 1984 - Color
Starring: Judi Bowker, Cheryl Campbell, Edward Fox, Rupert Frazer, John Gielgud, James Mason - Directed by Alan Bridges
3 Stars - Drama - British nobleman James Mason invites an assorted group of acquaintances for a weekend shooting party. Among the participants are longtime rivals Edward Fox and Rupert Frazer, Fox's unfaithful wife Cheryl Campbell, and staunch anti-hunting advocate John Gielgud. Item #OC002

Southerner, The - 94 minutes - 1945 - B&W
Starring: Beulah Bondi, Betty Field, Jay Gilpin, J. Carrol Nash, Zachary Scott, Estelle Taylor, Jean Vanderwilt - Directed by Jean Renoir
4½ Stars - Drama - Zachary Scott as a sharecropper who yearns for a place of his own. On a small patch of land, Scott tries to make a go of it with his wife, his grandmother, and his children. Scott is forced by to seek help from neighboring farmer J. Carroll Nash, whose life experience have left him bitter. The two men become enemies, but are reunited by their mutual love of fishing. Item #OC0021
Award Nominations: Best Director 1945 Academy; Best Score, Werner Janssen, 1945 Academy; Best Sound, 1945 Academy; Best Director (winner) 1945 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures; Best Picture (winner), 1945 Venice Film Festival; 10 Best Films (winner), 1945 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures

Suddenly - 78 minutes - 1954 - B&W
Starring: Kim Charney, Christopher Dark, James Gleason, Sterling Hayden, Frank Sinatra - Directed by Lewis Allen
3 Stars - Crime Thriller, Film Noir - Suddenly is a small town invaded by professional assassin Frank Sinatra and his henchmen. Taking a local family hostage, Sinatra sets up a vigil at the second story window of the family's home. He intends to kill the President of the United States when his train makes a whistle stop. Sinatra is outstanding as the disgruntled war vet who hopes to become a "somebody" by killing the President. Item #OC0024

Things to Come - 94 minutes - 1936 - B&W
Starring: Maurice Braddell, Edward Chapman, Cedric Hardwicke, Raymond Massey, Ralph Richardson, Ann Todd - Directed by William Cameron Menzies
4 Stars - Science Fiction - Despite the efforts of such intellectual pacifists as John Cabal (Raymond Massey), a world war is declared. It drags on for nearly three decades, spreading disease and devastation. By 1966, Everytown has returned to the Dark Ages, with the brutish boss (Ralph Richardson) holding court over the survivors. A few scientists hold on to the belief that the world might still be saved through technology; their prayers are answered when an aged John Cabal, piloting a bizarre-looking aircraft, lands in Every town. Representing a foresighted organization called Wings Over the World, Cabal declares that a new civilization can rise from the ashes of the old, if the people put their faith in Science. Item #OC0025

Time of Your Life, The - 96 minutes - 1948 - B&W
Starring: James Barton, William Bendix, Ward Bond, James Cagney, Jeanne Cagney, Broderick Crawford, Paul Draper, Jimmy Lydon, Wayne Morris, Tom Powers - Directed by H.C. Potter
4 Stars - Drama - In a rundown San Francisco waterfront bar, Joe (James Cagney), a philosophical souse, encourages all around him to indulge in their wildest dreams. Joe's pal Tom (Wayne Morris), a born patsy, runs errands for Joe, the only person who has ever shown him kindness. Kitty (Jeanne Cagney), a streetwalker, willingly allows Joe to sponge drinks off her in exchange for a few nice words. Harry (Paul Draper), an enthusiastic dancer comedian, is hired by bartender Nick (William Bendix) at Joe's urging. Kit Carson (James Barton), an old man who lives in a dream world, is prodded by Joe into weaving his reminiscences of the Wild West. It is Kit who solves everyone's problems by eliminating detective Blick (Tom Powers). Adapted from a play by William Saroyan. Item #OC0026

Winslow Boy, The - 120 minutes - 1949 - B&W
Starring: Robert Donat, Cedric Hardwicke, Frank Lawton, Margaret Leighton, Neil North, Basil Radford, Francis L. Sullivan, Ernst Thesiger - Directed by Anthony Asquith -
4 Stars - Drama - Neil North as the 14 year old title character. Accused of a petty theft, North is expelled from Naval College. His father, retired bank official Sir Cedric Hardwycke, is prevented by existing British law to clear his son's name. He engages attorney Robert Donat, who successfully petitions for the right to sue the Admiralty and make the organization prove its charges in court. Public opinion is strongly against Hardwycke and his family. An adaptation of a play by Terence Rattigan. Item #OC0027
Award Nomination: Competing Film, Anthony Asquith, 1948 Venice Film Festival

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